June 14, 2021
Ayurveda Epilepsy Treatments

Ayurveda Epilepsy Treatments

Ayurveda Epilepsy TreatmentsEpilepsy is called Apasmara in Ayurveda. Distressed babies and young kids face this problem the most. There are two categories Petit Mal and Grand Mal. The state of epilepsy depends upon the dominance of 3 doshas along with their combined effect. Epilepsy can result from the imbalance of pita, vata and kapha doshas. Vata epilepsy is an issue including day, lack of sleep, mental exertion, gastritis and constipation. Pitta type seizures are triggered because of inflammations in the mind caused by ailments like Encephalitis including exposure. Kapha seizure is due because of blockages in the nerve system due to a lifestyle.

The reasons for epilepsy are :-

Because of neural network that is strained Petit Mal is caused. Outcome of Grand Mal depends upon hereditary influences, grave shock or harm to the nerve system or brain. A rigidity and the assault stops in a few seconds, although there is no spasm or tremor. While and on the other hand there’s a lot of significant effect in Grand Mal. The convulsions are violent with breakdown of awareness. There is the twitching of muscles biting of deviation and tongue.

Epilepsy and Ayurveda treatment are beneficial. According to Ayurveda, a lot of motives are stressful life and poor diet which may be solved by adopting a well balance diet including rice, milk, cereals, alfalfa seed, brewers yeast, legumes, peanuts, carrots vitamin B6 and also a lot of green leafy veggies and fruits.

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epilepsy treatment in ayurvedaAvoid over stuffing yourself, but take meals often. Never eat at midnight. Keep away from fried, spicy and oily food tea and coffee, sugar and alcoholic beverages and pickles. Nerve tonic herbs and epilepsy are Brahmi, Shankha Malkagni Pushpi and Jatamansi which help lessen the event of epilepsy and pacify the nerve system. Along with oral ayurvedic medicine, medicated oil massages, thalam and also shirodhara also assists in keeping the brain cool. Epilepsy and also Ayurveda advises to regulate your way of life. After the daily routine on a regular basis might help to keep stress at bay.

Always keep yourself active, in order that there’s no time at all to worry. Don’t get excited easily and also control your emotions. Go for regular walks or do light exercises.

Therefore, regulate your sleeping, eating and also exercise timings.