May 24, 2024
Nareena Oxygen Concentrator

Nareena Oxygen Concentrator Review

Top Highlights

  • 5 Liters Capacity
  • High oxygen purity level of up to 96%
  • Customizable Oxygen flow rate ranging from 1 – 5 liters per minute
  • Operating sound level of 50dB
  • Dual Outlet Pressure range of 0.04 – 0.07 Mpa
  • Inbuilt Nebulizing Function
  • Alarm System
  • LCD Display with Timer
  • Compact Design With dimensions of 365 X 375 X 600 mm
  • Lightweight & Portable with net weight of 15 kg
  • Wide Power Supply Compatibility
  • Power consumption of 420W
  • Automatic Shut Off Timer
  • Good for Medical & Home Use
  • 3 Years Warranty

Finding a reliable oxygen concentrator can be a daunting challenge for those who depend on supplemental oxygen or healthcare providers seeking the best options for their patients. With various models available in the market, it’s crucial to find an efficient and safe device that offers peace of mind while delivering the required medical support.

The Nareena Oxygen Concentrator stands out as an increasingly popular choice due to its blend of features designed specifically for homecare use. Among these is a noteworthy three-year warranty, which underscores the manufacturer’s confidence in its durability and performance.

Our review will delve into every aspect—features, pros and cons, customer insights—to help you decide if this medical equipment meets your needs. Get ready to uncover essential details that could make all the difference in managing your health or that of someone you care for.

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Key Takeaways

  • The Nareena Oxygen Concentrator has a single flow design and can give oxygen with purity levels between 90-96%. It is made for people who need extra oxygen at home.
  • Customers like that it also has a nebulizer function and is easy to use. Some find it too heavy to move easily.
  • Most users are happy because the machine works well. But some worry about it getting hot after being used for a while.
  • This concentrator costs less than many others, which makes more people able to buy it.
  • You can change the oxygen flow from 1 to 5 LPM, which helps you get just what you need. But if someone needs more oxygen, this might not be enough for them.

Key Features of Nareena Oxygen Concentrator

The Nareena Oxygen Concentrator boasts a single flow design with an oxygen purity level of 90-96%, making it suitable for various medical needs. It also offers a flow rate of 1-5 LPM, providing flexibility for different oxygen therapy requirements.

Single flow design

Nareena Oxygen Concentrator makes breathing easier with its single flow design. This feature means it sends oxygen to the patient using just one stream, keeping things simple and focused.

Easy for anyone to use at home, this design is part of what makes the Nareena concentrator a smart pick for those who need oxygen support without complex equipment.

With an inbuilt nebulizer, the machine offers more than just oxygen; it can also help patients take their medicine in vapor form. Caregivers find relief knowing that they have a reliable device that combines two important treatments.

People who buy it often search for “nareena oxygen concentrator single flow with inbuilt nebulizer” because they want a machine that does both jobs well.

Oxygen purity level of 90-96%

Moving beyond the single flow design, the Nareena Oxygen Concentrator shines with its ability to deliver oxygen at a high purity level. Patients get a rich supply of oxygen between 90-96% purity.

This means that almost all of the air coming from the machine is pure oxygen, which is just what people who need extra help breathing require. The device ensures that users breathe in air that can really help them feel better and stay healthy.

The concentrator works by taking in room air and filtering out nitrogen. What’s left is high-purity oxygen for patients to inhale. Having this range of oxygen purity makes it easier for those with various needs to get adequate support right at home.

It’s an important feature because getting the right amount of pure oxygen can make a big difference in how well treatment works for someone who depends on supplemental oxygen regularly.

Flow rate of 1-5 LPM

The Nareena Oxygen Concentrator lets you adjust the oxygen flow between 1 and 5 Liters Per Minute (LPM). This feature is great for those who need a steady supply of oxygen but not at high levels.

You can change the speed to match your needs, whether you’re resting or moving around. Having this kind of control means patients get just the right amount of oxygen to stay healthy without wasting it.

This machine is good for use at home because it’s designed to give out a single stream of oxygen. It works well for one person who does not need very high amounts of oxygen. After talking about how you can set the flow rate, we’ll look into what makes people like or dislike this concentrator.

Pros and Cons of Nareena Oxygen Concentrator

The Nareena Oxygen Concentrator offers a single flow design, affordable pricing, and the option for pulse flow. However, it has a limited flow rate and is quite heavy to transport.

Pros: Indian origin, affordable, pulse flow option

The Nareena Oxygen Concentrator has the advantage of being of Indian origin, reflecting quality and reliability. It is designed to be affordable, ensuring that patients have access to essential medical equipment without a hefty price tag.

Additionally, the pulse flow option makes it suitable for providing on-demand oxygen therapy, catering to varying patient needs efficiently. This concentrator aligns with the growing demand for cost-effective and user-friendly oxygen therapy solutions in homecare settings.

Moving forward to discussing the customer reviews and ratings for a comprehensive understanding of its performance and user satisfaction.

Cons: Limited flow rate, heavy weight

The Nareena Oxygen Concentrator has limitations in terms of flow rate and weight. Its single flow design restricts the oxygen output, making it unsuitable for patients requiring higher levels of oxygen.

Additionally, its heavy weight may pose challenges for portability, limiting its usability for individuals who need to move or travel frequently. However, despite these drawbacks, the concentrator’s affordability and pulse flow option make it a viable choice for some homecare situations.

Moving on to customer reviews and ratings..

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer reviews and ratings provide valuable insights into the real-world performance and satisfaction levels of the Nareena Oxygen Concentrator. By examining these firsthand experiences, we can gain a better understanding of its overall effectiveness and reliability.

First-hand experiences and opinions

Customers who have used the Nareena Oxygen Concentrator appreciate its convenient single flow design and user-friendly operation. Many users find the concentrator to be reliable and effective in providing the needed oxygen purity level of 90-96%.

Some customers particularly like the nebulizer function, which offers additional respiratory support when necessary. However, a few users have expressed concerns about the weight of the concentrator, finding it heavy to move around easily.

Overall, customers are satisfied with the performance and functionality of the Nareena Oxygen Concentrator for home use. The concentrator’s ability to provide adequate oxygen supply for ambulatory patients has been positively received by many users.

Overall satisfaction and performance

Patients who have used the Nareena Oxygen Concentrator are generally satisfied with its performance. Despite concerns about overheating, the concentrator’s single flow design and oxygen purity level of 90-96% have received positive feedback.

Customers appreciate its convenience for home use and the nebulizer function that provides additional respiratory support when needed. The concentrator’s warranty of 3 years also adds to customers’ confidence in its quality and durability.

In comparison to other options in the market, Nareena offers a range of stationary and portable concentrators suitable for different needs, making it worth considering for those seeking reliable oxygen therapy solutions.

Our Verdict

After careful analysis, we believe that the Nareena Oxygen Concentrator offers good value for money and may be suitable for those in need of a reliable oxygen solution. However, it’s important to consider your specific medical requirements and consult with a healthcare professional before making a purchase.

Is Nareena Oxygen Concentrator worth purchasing?

The Nareena Oxygen Concentrator is a convenient option for home use, offering single flow design and an oxygen purity level of 90-96%. With a flow rate of 1-5 LPM, it provides reliable support for patients requiring supplemental oxygen.

The concentrator’s nebulizer function also adds value by providing additional respiratory support for patients in need of nebulized medications. Despite concerns about overheating, the concentrator offers easy operation and a warranty of 3 years, indicating good quality and durability.

Additionally, its lightweight portable household option with rechargeable external battery makes it suitable for ambulatory patients who require continuous oxygen flow at home.

Considering the affordable price point and Indian origin, the Nareena Oxygen Concentrator presents itself as a viable choice that meets the needs of many homecare providers and their patients.

Its features make it a practical investment for those seeking reliable long-term respiratory support without compromising on quality or ease of use. Therefore, weighing these factors against its limitations such as limited flow rate and heavy weight will help potential buyers make an informed decision before purchasing this product.

Comparison with other oxygen concentrators in the market

Evaluating the Nareena Oxygen Concentrator’s value involves contrasting it against competitors in the current market. Here’s a comparison encapsulated in an HTML table:

Brand/ModelOxygen PurityFlow RateWeightSpecial FeaturesWarrantyPrice Range
Nareena Oxygen Concentrator90-96%1-5 LPMHeavyIndian origin, affordable, pulse flow option, nebulizer function3 yearsAffordable
Brand X93-95%0.5-5 LPMLighterPortable, multiple power sources, smart alarms2 yearsModerate
Brand Y87-93%1-10 LPMComparableDual flow, touch screen, humidifier option5 yearsExpensive
Brand Z90-97%1-6 LPMMediumWi-Fi connectivity, app integration, energy efficient3 yearsHigh

This comparison illustrates where Nareena stands, showcasing its strengths, such as high oxygen purity and competitive pricing, as well as areas where other models may offer additional features or higher flow rates. Nareena’s 3-year warranty provides assurance of durability, a factor important to many users. Overall, choices in the market cater to diverse needs, making it vital to consider one’s specific requirements when selecting an oxygen concentrator.

Final thoughts and recommendations

After considering the key features, pros and cons, customer reviews, and important facts about the Nareena Oxygen Concentrator, it’s evident that this product offers reliability and convenience for homecare use.

The concentrator’s single flow design with an oxygen purity level of 90-96% caters to the needs of ambulatory patients effectively. While some users have raised concerns about overheating, the warranty assurance and lightweight options make it a worthwhile consideration for those in need of continuous oxygen supply at home.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a cost-effective and user-friendly stationary oxygen concentrator with additional nebulizer function and reliable maintenance support, Nareena Oxygen Concentrator could be a suitable option to explore further.


In conclusion, the Nareena Oxygen Concentrator offers practical and efficient features for homecare providers and patients. Its single flow design and oxygen purity level of 90-96% make it a convenient option for providing adequate oxygen to ambulatory patients at home.

The concentrator’s warranty of 3 years provides reassurance of its quality and durability. With the added nebulizer function, it can also offer respiratory support by administering nebulized medications when needed.

Considering its affordability and user-friendly operation, the Nareena Oxygen Concentrator presents an impactful solution for home use with potential improvements in patient care.


1. How much does the Nareena Oxygen Concentrator cost?

The price of a Nareena Oxygen Concentrator can vary, but you can check the latest cost on websites like or in stores in India.

2. Can I buy the Nareena Oxygen Concentrator with a credit card?

Yes, you can use your credit card to pay for the Nareena Oxygen Concentrator at checkout. You might need a one-time password to finish your payment safely.

3. Will I get an invoice after buying the Nareena Oxygen Concentrator?

After you pay with your credit card or other options like debit cards or Amazon Pay, you will receive an invoice for your transaction.

4. Is there any discount available when purchasing a Nareena Oxygen Concentrator?

Sometimes discounts are offered, especially if you shop online on sites like; always look out for special deals!

5. What is Bipap and does this oxygen concentrator offer it?

Bipap stands for Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure and it helps people breathe better. The Nareena Oxygen Concentrator may include this feature to help those who need extra breathing support alongside other tools like nebulisers and ventilators.

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